About Kelly


 I began my writing career over 25 years ago, but somehow life takes twists and turns and changes the plot. After raising three sons, and helping my mother through dementia, I published my first novel, THE DEATH OF STACEY, set in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The book was well received, and I was frequently asked if there would be a sequel. Readers became attached to Lauren Murphy and Curtis Kopp, my lead characters. As I pondered my second novel, I decided to create the LAUREN MURPHY MYSTERY series. THE DEATH OF ME is the second installment in the series, followed by EDDIE’S REVENGE, A STATE OF CONFUSION, BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY and HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER. The 7th installment, LIFE OF LIES, is now available. Lauren Murphy Mysteries has truly become an obsession with me.  Enjoy Lauren’s adventures!

Additionally, my non-fiction novel, I AM MY MOTHER’S MOTHER, is available. This novel is a loving, gentle translation of the cold, hard truth of how dementia affects families. It’s a journey from initial diagnosis to end of life, along with all the obstacles, steps backwards, and all the other challenges of dementia.